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Natural climate proof Netherlands

To catch the effects of global warming, the Netherlands need to establish a climate restistant construction. On this website seven conservation groups explain how Natural Climate Buffers can contribute to it.

Klimaatbuffers in Nederland

klimaatbuffers in Nederland


Careful decision making

It will take years to realize natural climate buffer zones. Large projects involving the coastal zone and the IJsselmeer lake are particularly complex and emotionally charged. Careful decision making is therefore important. This website presents a selection of projects to illustrate the urgency, benefits and integrated approach of large climate buffer projects.

Setting the example

The urgency of the situation is clear for the Netherlands below sea level (60% of the country). Here, innovative ideas, major initiatives, plans and budgets are already being developed. Some projects are already on the way, in the context of urban-fringe and water management programmes. In collaboration with local authorities and private parties, much can be accomplished in a short time.

Combining nature and civil engineering

It is not our intention to suggest that natural climate buffers could entirely replace civil engineering solutions. In many places, technical solutions will always be necessary to warrant the safety of our country. For example, natural climate buffers would not suffice to protect the densely populated Alexanderpolder (elevation: 6 meter below sea level!). But in other places, natural buffers do offer a good alternative to technical solutions, because they are less expensive, and multifunctional. Natural climate buffers present a tough but exciting challenge to Dutch scientists, civil engineers and governments. And they are an excellent opportunity to integrate natural processes into Dutch water management policies.

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