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Natural climate proof Netherlands

To catch the effects of global warming, the Netherlands need to establish a climate restistant construction. On this website seven conservation groups explain how Natural Climate Buffers can contribute to it.

Klimaatbuffers in Nederland

klimaatbuffers in Nederland

Climate buffers

Climate buffers are necessary

As a society we must be prepared for the impacts of climate change on our economy, our health, our ecosystems, and our safety. We must find ways to deal with increased flooding, severer droughts and hotter cities. Natural climate buffers can make a major contribution to climate-proofing the Netherlands, as they are able to adapt to and keep up with climate change.

Climate buffers are beautiful

Climate buffers are beautiful, water rich areas that offer great opportunities for outdoor recreation and waterfront housing. And they offer numerous other benefits. For example, water retention in climate buffers will help our economy (securing water supplies for cities, farmers and industries), moderate our local climates (reducing urban temperatures during hot summers), improve our safety (halting peat land subsidence), and preserve our ecosystems (providing habitat and maintaining biodiversity).

Climate Buffers are an economically attractive alternative

Climate buffers will cost millions of euros. But considering that they will help to prevent billions of euros of flooding damage and positively affect the quality of life and health of people in surrounding towns and cities, it is clear that the costs of climate buffers will be fully compensated by their benefits. Moreover, calculations have shown that climate buffers often prove more economically attractive than present land and water management strategies. The societal significance and multifunctional character of natural climate buffers ensures public support and allows financial resources to be pooled.

Download the brochure ‘More nature, dry feet’.

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